Arts & Entertainment

Local punk band The Helper Monkeys, entertaining the crowd at a free Friday Concert in the Park in Cesar Chavez Plaza, June 2008.

Arts and entertainment come in all different kinds and tastes for different people — but nearly everyone enjoys them in one form or another.  Movies and music, concerts and musicals, museums and art galleries, plays and poetry readings, symphonies and jazz jubilees, fan conventions and cultural festivals…all of these and much more bring enjoyment and flavor to our lives in countless ways.

Here in Sacramento, there are a number of good places to enjoy arts, music, movies and culture.  We at “Broccoli, Cheese & Crackers” hope in the future to continue to bring you coverage of the latest arts and entertainment, with a particular emphasis on those that are “off the beaten path”…things that are new and different, and perhaps an alternative to the mainstream.

Crest Theatre marquee for the Trash Film Orgy's midnight screening of "Godzilla Final Wars" (July 2007).

In the past, we’ve written a lot about international music and movies, introducing readers to such bands as Ojos de Brujo, Panjabi MC, Dengue Fever, and Belanova; and international cinema such as Bollywood, Japanese anime, the occasional Chinese martial-arts film, and more.  Plus we’ve written a lot about comic books of different types — manga (“Densha Otoko”); serious graphic works (“The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation“); webcomics (“Asianosity“); the work of Bay Area and regional artists (“Henagi the Ninja Girl,” “Entanglement,” “TechGal“) and local comic artists (“Caffiene Poisoned“).

In the future, we hope to continue to tell you about entertainment with an international flavor…but also hopefully to bring you more about local arts and entertainment.  Whether it’s a local film festival, a sci-fi or comic book convention, a local music festival, or some other local cultural event, we hope to be able to tell you more about it.  We also hope to tell you more about local and regional artists:  Artists and writers, film directors and producers, local musicians, and more.

Sometimes arts and entertainment exist to stir us, inspire us, make us think, make us cry, or even disturb and unsettle us.  At other times, they’re just here to entertain and to give us enjoyment.  Whatever they may be for you, and whatever types of art and entertainment you like, we hope to have something of interest to offer you in future versions of “Broccoli, Cheese & Crackers.”


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