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The word “news” is not, as some people think, an acronym for “North East West South.”  It’s simply a noun that’s the plural of “new” — that is, things that are new.  News is a body of information that informs us about what is taking place in the world around us…ideally, about things that affect our lives, and the lives of our neighbors, our community, and our world.

News should be about the issues and events that affect many people’s lives.  If the city or the county is drawing up a new land-use General Plan, for example, the results will potentially affect the life of the community in far-reaching ways.  The same goes for the planning and building, say, of a new light-rail line…or of a redeveloped Railyards district…or even of a small community garden…but how often do we hear about those things in our news?

These days the world is interconnected as it has never been before, and so what happens to people in other countries should matter to all of us.



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