We’re Back!

3 03 2011

Dear Readers,

After a year and a half or more without a new issue, the Sacramento-based news and entertainment ‘zine Broccoli, Cheese & Crackers is finally on its way back!  Our continuing mission:  To present news, features and entertainment to the Sacramento, California region, with a positive attitude and a quirky sense of humor…to give our city a little more pizzazz…and to help make life in Sacramento a little less boring.

To do this, we first needed to create a new presence for the ‘zine on the internet.  That has hopefully been realized in the website you now see before you…or at least, will come to fruition here in the near future.

That’s all for the moment.  Please stay tuned, however, as we’ll soon be posting new information about what we’re up to; how you can get involved in writing for Broccoli, Cheese & Crackers; and when the next print issue will be coming out.  Thanks for stopping by!

–The Editor