Competitive cyclist races through Midtown Sacramento in the Amgen Tour of California (February 2009).

What is it about sports — watching them, discussing and debating the merits of particular players and teams, and playing them if we have the chance — so captivating to so many people?  Is it the thrill of competition?  The celebration of skill, athleticism, and teamwork?  The almost-tribal instinct to identify with a sports team from your city, your region, or your country?  The sheer enjoyment of cheering your heart out, or of pushing yourself to compete at your best?

Whatever the reason, sports are an activity that adds some flavor and excitement to everyday life.  Whatever sport you love, whatever team you root for, or whatever player or competitor you admire, there is a great deal in the Sacramento area, and in northern California, to engage your attention.

Please enjoy these links on sports in the Sacramento area and northern California…and keep on cheering for your teams, playing, and enjoying the world of sports.

Local Sports Teams & Collegiate Sports Programs

Sacramento Kings

Sacramento River Cats

Sacramento Mountain Lions

Sacramento State Hornets

UC Davis Aggies

Regional Sports Teams

San Francisco Giants

Oakland Athletics

San Francisco 49ers

Oakland Raiders

Golden State Warriors

San Jose Sharks

San Jose Earthquakes

Stockton Thunder

Local Places to Play Sports & Get Exercise

American River Parkway – Sacramento’s 23-mile-long parkway along the American River, providing bike & jogging trails, picnic areas, rafting & fishing, and more.

City of Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation – Find a park in your area!  Then log off, turn off the computer, and go out and play!  🙂

Adult Sports Leagues – The city’s Parks & Rec Department also has a list of these, and how to sign up.

Cherry Island Soccer Complex – Play “the beautiful game” at a complex in nearby Elverta, run by volunteers from the California Youth Soccer Association, District VI.

Sacramento Adult Soccer League – Primarily a local men’s soccer league for recreational players.  Must be 21 or over to participate.  The league currently has 38 teams.

YMCA of Superior California – Gyms, pools, fitness classes, youth sports, and more.  Membership is month-to-month; and there are no lengthy contracts or outrageously high fees to join.  The Sacramento Area YMCA is located at 2021 W Street, on the edge of Midtown Sacramento; call (916) 452-9622 for hours and information.


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